Greenlight? More like Greenlit!

September 12th, 2012 by Maxx

And it is all thanks to you! We could never have done this without the support of all of our fans who took the time to download the game and give us their thumbs-up  on Greenlight. 

So after years of turmoil, struggle and hard work,  the team is proud to announce that thanks to the community’s generous support we have officially met the requirements of Valve’s Greenlight process.  This news represents a turning point in NMRIH’s development cycle, as we will soon have the full support of Valve and its ever-growing community.  Although this means major positive changes for the way NMRIH fans get the latest updates and support, NMRIH has always been, and will remain a free modification for Half-Life 2.

We won't be on Steam for a while yet, though. There are some legal and technical details that we need to address before the game will be available on Steam. We are working tirelessly to make this a reality as quickly as possible. It will be good for us, good for you, and good for the game. 

Thank you all again so much, this is really like a dream come true and something I personally never expected would happen. But it did happen, and it happened because of you guys.  We are all just happy that you like the game!

-- Maxx

 If you haven't done so yet, go and grab the No More Room in Hell 1.05 installer and give it a try!  I talk to many of you on a regular basis, and we are awlays interested in what you have to say. Stop by the forums and let us know what you think about the game! Check out our forum and give us your feedback, bug reports, ideas, and suggestions!  

NMRiH Beta 1.05 Client Full

Beta 1.05 Release!

September 7th, 2012 by Dman757 Hello! 1.05 is finally here. It's been a long time coming and this patch is packed with new features, maps and weapons. We hope you enjoy  the changes we've made and just incase you don't send us an email we would love to hear your feedback:

Anyway have fun, good luck. - Dman

NMRiH Beta 1.05 Client Full
Desura Digital Distribution

We Need a Third-Person Animator

No More Room in Hell is on the lookout for talented Third-Person Animators. We have a dedicated team of developers who work on the mod in their free-time. This position is UNPAID. By working with us you will grow a healthy portfolio for future opportunities in the business as well as the unparallelled experience that comes with modding. Do you have the initiative to work on PC Gamer's 2011 Mod of the Year? We look forward to working with you and developing one hell of a mod! Click here for a full description and to apply.

Interview with Game Front

While in Texas for QuakeCon, we sat down with Game Front's Phil Hornshaw and Ross Lincoln for an interview about the history of the mod and its bright future! Check it out here. They also recently did a play though for their yourtube channel which you can find here.

1.05 Changelog

  • New HUD elements: weight based radial selection menu with ammo counts
  • Ammo carrying capacity is now based on weight
  • Removed ammo count from indicator
  • Implemented audible ammo checks
  • Removed voice command text from chat
  • Implemented an optional subtitle system in place of the voice command text chat
  • Backward movement speed reduced
  • Added a 5% to 10% chance that damage to a zombie can stagger it back with sustained fire
  • Melee weapons now have a chance to stagger zombies; bladed weapons have a 10% chance of knocking a zombie back with a quick attack (35% for a charged attack) while in comparison, blunt weapons have a 40% chance for quick attacks (and 80% for charged attacks)
  • Melee weapon quick attacks now use up stamina; how much stamina used is based on the weapon itself (ex: sledgehammers use more strength, while a baseball bat doesn't)
  • Shoving and melee attacks won't use stamina if they don't hit anything (zombies, the ground, etc.)
  • Non-kid zombies now have a chance of falling over and reanimating instead of dying if not killed by a headshot
  • Bullet penetration through zombies for high caliber rifles and pistols
  • Various tweaks to preexisting stamina values
  • Added skill shot with pistols - standing still in iron sights for a time will trigger the mode with visual overlay allowing for increased shot damage
  • Player now has a chance to bleed out when taking damage, causing damage over time and increasing stamina jump cost
  • Initial FMOD Implementation
  • Set sv_master_legacy_mode to 0
  • Delayed navmesh loading: Servers won't take as long to switch maps
  • Optimized Maglite's dynamic lighting
  • Fixed various minor bugs, both client and server related
  • Added an "Advanced" button in the Multiplayer Options tab, allowing for easy toggling of preexisting commands (Toggable ironsights, etc.)
  • Initial implementation of the following localization files: French, German, Portuguese, Russian
  • Dead/late joining players can now respawn in the next wave in Survival Mode, regardless if the last 5 zombies in the previous wave were killed in time
  • Respawning players in Survival Mode will come back in with 50% health
  • Added holster command (in Keyboard Options)
  • New main menu background and buttons
  • Updated HUD radial selection menu design
  • Added first aid kit (gives 20 HP) and bandages (stops bleeding)
  • Added bleed out screen vignette
  • Added M-10 submachine gun
  • Added Winchester 1892 rifle
  • Added various mall and biohazard props
  • Fixed bounding boxes for certain zombie models
  • Disabled splash screen video
  • Fixed min/max errors with certain models
  • Blood pools now form on ground
  • Updated blood, impact, and explosion effects
  • New main menu music
  • New infection audio
  • New loading music
  • Added audio files for ammo checking
  • Added audio for bleeding and bandage use
  • nms_northway
    • Added nms_northway by Sotapoika
  • nms_favela
    • Added nms_favela by Juniez
  • nmo_chinatown
    • Tweaked some props' fade-distances in the dockside to make it run smoother
    • Cleaned up navmesh
    • Added extra playerclips
    • Replaced some func_details with props
    • Added medkits and bandages in the map
    • Applied Nodraw to odd faces
    • Other minor tweaks
  • nms_isolated
    • Modified layout to optimize some parts of the map
    • Added bandages and first aid kits
    • Added Winning Scenario into the map (Survive at least 10 waves and a chopper will arrive)


We are on Steam Greenlight! If we receive enough upvotes the mod could appear officially on Steam. This extends our reach to a much larger audience, allows us to add more content per update, and get those updates out much more often. It also makes installation a breeze just like any other game you own on Steam. No More Room in Hell will still be 100% free. Everybody wins. Remember, Greenlight is not a competition so upvote other great titles while you are at it!

Server List not showing up?
Check out this thread for solutions!
Invalid Steam ID Ticket? Check out this thread for a fix!

Download No More Room in Hell!
Note the windows server files are included in the download.

NMRiH Beta 1.05 Client Full

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Steam Greenlight

August 30th, 2012 by Xendrid Hello folks! We would like to thank everyone for being patient with 1.05. The update is in content lockdown and is undergoing testing for a release very soon! Right now however, we are on Steam's newest and most ambitious feature: GREENLIGHT! What is Greenlight? It gives indie and mod developers a chance to get their games Steam support. What does this mean for No More Room in Hell?

  • Easy installation
  • Faster updates to the game
  • Reaching a much wider audience of players

All it takes is enough votes from the people who want all of the above! Don't worry, No More Room in Hell will always be 100% free.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Beta 1.05 Preview

July 23rd, 2012 by Xendrid We recently reached 1,000 likes on Facebook. As promised we filmed a few quick test runs on two new maps. The first one is nms_derelict by manofwar and the mall map is nms_northway by SotaPoika. A ton of new features are going into 1.05 as you can see in the video. We have audible ammo checking now along with a complete overhaul with the inventory system. New items and weapons are added and various small features that you'll discover when the patch is out. You will also find that the stamina system is much less forgiving in that you can't constantly shove zombies away anymore, your movement speed while moving backwards is drastically decreased, and you may need to stop a serious wound from bleeding. And so much more... Keep in mind that everything you see is a work in progress.

Still having issues getting a server list? Check out this thread for solutions!

Server Owners Please Read!

July 19th, 2012 by Riley

(Possible Solution to Master Server Issue)


After doing some investigating with Chanz, I've found a solution to get your server back onto the NMRiH Server Browser! Spread the word!

Note: This is for server owners only, clients won't benefit from this (unless you're hosting a listen server, it might work?)
Follow those 4 easy steps as SERVER OWNER (every server owner has to do this, its no use if you try this on your client)!
1. Open your 'server.cfg' with a text editor (you'll find it in "nmrih/cfg/").
2. Paste the following at the END of it:

// Master Server Settings
//Disable this since steam master servers won't support it anymore.
sv_master_legacy_mode 0
//Send server ready notice. Should be the last line of the config.

3. Save the file and put it back on your server.
4. Restart your server OR type "exec server.cfg" (without "") into your server console (HLSW, rcon or sm_rcon works as well).
Your servers should be visible again!
Thanks to the HLDS Mailing list and Riley, we could resolve this issue.

And if you're a Linux server owner and have missed the previous news posts, we've recently updated our linux binaries which should help resolve some crash issues! (This is the July 3rd Linux Binaries, if you've already downloaded it before from a previous news post you don't need to do so again)

You can download it >here<


Download No More Room in Hell!

Note the windows server files are included in the download.

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Belated Independence Day Media Extravaganza!

July 7th, 2012 by Dman757 HAPPY 4th OF JULY! Hello friends! We here at No More Room in Hell wish you all a belated fourth of July (and Canadians a belated Canada day). Hopefully you enjoyed some firework action without blowing off any extremities. If you did, we hope you filmed it. Anyway, we got an announcement and a reminder along with some new weapon renders! A new site is coming! Our current website is horribly outdated. This will change soon thanks to our man Brent. The latest update for NMRiH will be in your hands soon. It comes packed with a laundry list of bug fixes and tweaks along with new weapons and some overhauled UI mechanics as well as visual enhancements. The testing team have been picking apart yet another community map that has a good chance of being included in the update!

New Weapons Coming in 1.05!

That's right, in the 1.05 update we are adding in four new weapons. A fine handcrafted kitchen knife, the sexy Ruger MKiii, the iconic and powerful Winchester 1892 and the simplistic yet brutal Ingram M10!

Evolution Of Chinatown
We love our fans. Recently we had a small drive to reach 1000 likes on our Facebook page. As a reward we promised to release a video of 1.05. In just about 4 days we reach our goal gaining around 161 new followers in that time. So as promised, we will be posting a video within a week showing off what is in store for 1.05! In the meantime check out this evolution of Chinatown video made by Riley and Dman757.

A look back at the development of nmo_chinatown

We're going to QuakeCon 2012! A few members of our team will be attending the event and we'd like you all to join us. Info can be found >here<

Server Browser Temp Fix + Vote Kick/Ban features
As most of you know, Steam is having some troubles with showing servers in the browser list for mods and some retail games. Never fear, we have a handful of IPs that you can use to connect with via the console. Example: connect connect - The list and more info can be found >here<

We get a lot of reports on griefers. Unfortunately we cannot stop all of them, but you can! NMRiH has a vote kick/ban feature built into the game. Observe the quote below on how it works.
In order to initiate a votekick or a voteban, you will need to know the ID of the player you want to kick or ban. In order to find this out, say !vklist in the chat window. You should see output like the following:

User IDs for votekick are as follows:

  • SuperCoolDude
  • AnnoyingDude
  • SomeOtherGuy
  • |NMRiH| LOLOLLLOLOL[/list]

The number to the left is the ID of the player. To then initiate a vote, say !vk # or !vb #, where # is the ID of the player. This will bring up a vote:

Votekick/Voteban started for player: PLAYER

You have ## seconds to vote.

Say !yes to vote for this kick.

If you would like to vote for this kick or ban, simply say !yes in chat. Once a certain number of players vote yes (51% for kick or 66.7% for ban by default), the player will be kicked or banned from the server. If the vote does not pass after a certain amount of time, the vote will fail.

New Linux Binaries
In an attempt to help resolve many of the remaining issues that our Linux server owners are encountering, we've created and uploaded a new Linux .so file. If you're a server owner and your Linux server has been crashing lately, download and drop this file into your nmrih/bin directory.

You can download it >here<

Let us know if you have any problems with it!


Download No More Room in Hell!

Note the windows server files are included in the download.

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New Linux Server Binaries for 1.04

July 3rd, 2012 by Riley All,

If you are a Linux server owner and it's been freezing on you recently, try downloading and dropping this file into your nmrih/bin/ directory.

Download Link

Let us know if it helps resolve the crashing!

NMRiH QuakeCon 2012 Extravaganza!

May 25th, 2012 by Dman757 We here at NMRiH have always talked about one day having a meetup and this year we've decided to make it a reality! This August 2nd-5th developers and fans alike are invited to join us in Dallas, Texas for QuakeCon 2012!

What is QuakeCon?
  • QuakeCon is a free convention held annually in the Dallas, TX area. Thousands of computer gamers from all over the world make the pilgrimage to play with their friends on a giant gaming network, see the latest cool technology, and compete in world-class tournaments.

Where does NMRiH fit into this?
  • We plan to have at least one day were we schedule a meetup with fans and go do something fun. Also, through out the event we will be live tweeting via [twitter]nmrih[/twitter] our location and what we are doing such as panels or restaurants we plan to eat at. So if you live in Texas or are just coming to the event you should come by and say, "hey." We can't wait to meet you!

What NMRiH Developers will be there?
Here's a list so far:

  • David 'Dman' Meade (Public Relations 'n stuff)
  • Matt 'Maxx' Kazan (Project Lead)
  • Andrew 'ssba' Orner (Lead Programmer)
  • Nicholas 'Jangalomph' Seavert (Particles/Texture Art)
  • ACallander (Tester)
  • Eskill (Tester)

Event Info!

  • August 2-5th 2012


Official QuakeCon website:

A few of us devs and our friends registered seats already you can find us under the NMRiH clan tag below:


Download No More Room in Hell!

Note the server files are included in the download.

Night of The Living Beta 1.04 Download Live!

April 17th, 2012 by Dman757 A few words from Dman:
Greetings friends, fans & family! We here at NMRiH are proud to bring you version 1.04 of No More Room in Hell. We have put a lot of work into this patch and hope you all enjoy it. We expected this to be a quick patch but we just kept finding so many small things to improve upon this time around we wanted to make sure we got it right. It has really turned into a big project if you just take a look at our changelog below.

We have new things for all to enjoy! Like survival? Well we have a new community map just for that. We've included the map in our official build because we liked it so much, it's called nms_isolated created by Lou Saffire. Hate high pings? Our lead programmer ssba has vastly improved network performance when it comes to npcs on a server. Linux server owner? Thanks to a generous donation of a server by we have been able to work out the kinks in our Linux server files. Same goes for who as always provides us with excellent official public and private windows testing servers.

Full Client Download Locations:

Note the server files are included in both the patch and full download.

Patch Download Locations:

Note the server files are included in both the patch and full download.


    • Disabled collision of safe zone supplies with players / npcs
    • Adjusted zombie damage, now (one hand / two hand) shambler: 15/30, runner: 20/40, kid: 8/16
    • Fixed negative zombie counts on hud
    • Disabled listen server autostart to try to cut down on number of invalid token errors
    • Fixed memory corruption bugs in Survival Mode
    • Fixed supply wave crash bug on Linux servers
    • Changed zones to no longer lose health if there are no survivors present in them
    • Fixed a rare issue where there was a chance for entities/lighting in any nms_ map to disappear if the previously played map was an objective level
    • Changed drain rates to the following:
    • [list]

  • Drain per zombie per sec: 0.5 -> 0.15
  • Max drain per sec: 5 -> 2
  • Drain per sec while empty: 0.25 -> 0.2
  • Player drain counter per sec: 1.5 -> 1.75
  • Optimized npc networking for better performance in open areas & with large amount of npcs
  • Added 'Winning Condition' option into Survival Mode: players now win after reaching the ending wave; mappers can run a custom win scenario using entity i/o
  • Fixed orientation/model of "nmrih_safezone_supply" for Hammer
  • Added slight push to barricades you out if you stand too close a barricading point while putting a board up; mappers should ensure the barricade point normals point away from walls as this is the direction players are pushed
  • Fixed various client and server crashes
  • Fixed Join game dialog; loading screens now properly update with the corresponding map in play
  • Changed the National Guard so they will now only bring in supplies via flare gun if the preexisting supply crate has been completely used up.

  • Added various static furniture props
  • Added and optimized various particle effects
  • Added new supply cache GUI
  • Added missing camera movement to fireaxe
  • Added recoil camera movement to MP5A3
  • Updated SV10 reload animation
  • Changed flashlight texture
  • Added new "Movie" texture to nmo_broadway theater.


  • Fixed script error that prevented wave complete sound to play
  • Changed many of the weapon / footstep / item pickup / pain sounds so they are spacial, and reduced the attenuation of some

  • nms_flooded
    • Fixed supply drop being out of reach because of clipping
    • Fixed clip preventing items to be picked up at some locations
    • Clipped various "godspots"
    • Added static ammo that goes with the gun at a few locations
    • Added a bit more ammo around the buildings
    • Added traps (gas tank/flamethrower that can set fire to zombies and humans)
    • Added more light at point A to make players feel more safe inside the safezone
    • Added one barricade position to every door frame
    • Closed off some windows to help provide better performance inside the safe zone buildings and alter gameplay
    • Removed zombie spawns around the house, zombies will only come from outside the map boundaries
    • Added winning condition (Survive till wave 10 and a chopper appears)

  • nmo_chinatown
  • Removed some unnecessary zombie spawns
  • Removed some unnecessary barricade boards and entities to save on ent data
  • Added slight increase to overall lighting
  • Clipped off several "godspots" (counters, dumpsters, etc.)
  • Improved optimization in several areas
  • Added func_clip_vphysics to prevent key objective items to be dropped in certain unreachable areas
  • Added some shotgun ammo boxes in gun shop area
  • Replaced all tables and file cabinets with new static prop versions
  • nmo_broadway
  • Changed texture on movie theater screen
  • nms_isolated
  • Added nms_isolated (community map from lou_saffire)

Map Spotlight nms_isolated!

We have shirts for sale!

All money goes to server & web hosting costs.

New Wallpaper!

Mark it zero, you were over the line. Sometimes people are just over the line. Rules are rules, this ain't Nam here this isn't just some game. This determines who goes on to the next wave. Now if you don't mark it zero you are about to enter a world of pain. Sometimes I feel like the whole world has gone CRAZY. LIKE I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THE RULES. NOW MARK IT ZERO.

We Are Hiring!
No More Room in Hell is hiring, folks. We need talented and reliable individuals to bring about the apocalypse. We are looking for:

Level Designers
Prop Modelers


Community Spotlight: nms_isolated + T-SHIRT

April 13th, 2012 by Xendrid Hello survivors! No More Room in Hell has been out now for almost half a year and we've had three major patches and tons more to come! As with all mods, and a little bit of time, we start seeing some great maps being made by the community. The team is loving what we are seeing (and playing!). That is the subject of this post, to shine a spotlight on the best maps and content the community has to offer. Each time we find a gem we will feature it in hopes of spreading the word and thus giving the players something more to play while they wait for updates.

Beta 1.04 patch is set for release sometime next week. It will include nms_isolated, but you can get the map early at lou saffire's thread!

Map: nms_isolated
Author: lou saffire
Release Thread (DOWNLOAD)
Description: Following the trend of recreating the "Night of the Living Dead" farmhouse, lou saffire's L4D2 map turned No More Room in Hell is a frighteningly detailed rendition of that same home where the strong-willed Barbara (Patricia Tallman) took up residence in Tom Savini's 1990 remake. Though still in Beta, the map is a blast to play. Grab a Sako and provide cover from the top floor as your fellow survivors scavenge for equipment and barricade entrances. Make your last stand in the cramped basement and wish you had brought more ammo.


We Are Hiring!
No More Room in Hell is hiring, folks. We need talented and reliable individuals to bring about the apocalypse. We are looking for:

Level Designers
Prop Modelers

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