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Official Servers

Over the holidays we've managed to set up some official vanilla servers for you guys; they're based in Dallas, Texas and France. Special thanks to for providing the US servers, and to ZombieKillah for providing the European servers!

North America:


Community Official Servers

These servers aren't hosted by us, rather they're hosted by the community and they meet certain guidelines (gameplay is mostly vanilla, no crazy plugins, etc.) Want listed? Email with the words "Community Official" added somewhere in the topic title! 

North America

Agents of Chaos Gamers - (Managed by Bubka3) - The NMRiH Club - Steam Group (Managed by Clerkius) Zombie Gaming - (Managed by QuaG)

Europe - - - - (Managed by Stargate75)


ShanaHub - (Managed by Bolts)

User Guide

While you're downloading, get acquianted with the weapons and gameplay modes.

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