Community Spotlight: nms_isolated + T-SHIRT

April 13th, 2012 by Xendrid Hello survivors! No More Room in Hell has been out now for almost half a year and we've had three major patches and tons more to come! As with all mods, and a little bit of time, we start seeing some great maps being made by the community. The team is loving what we are seeing (and playing!). That is the subject of this post, to shine a spotlight on the best maps and content the community has to offer. Each time we find a gem we will feature it in hopes of spreading the word and thus giving the players something more to play while they wait for updates.

Beta 1.04 patch is set for release sometime next week. It will include nms_isolated, but you can get the map early at lou saffire's thread!

Map: nms_isolated
Author: lou saffire
Release Thread (DOWNLOAD)
Description: Following the trend of recreating the "Night of the Living Dead" farmhouse, lou saffire's L4D2 map turned No More Room in Hell is a frighteningly detailed rendition of that same home where the strong-willed Barbara (Patricia Tallman) took up residence in Tom Savini's 1990 remake. Though still in Beta, the map is a blast to play. Grab a Sako and provide cover from the top floor as your fellow survivors scavenge for equipment and barricade entrances. Make your last stand in the cramped basement and wish you had brought more ammo.


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No More Room in Hell is hiring, folks. We need talented and reliable individuals to bring about the apocalypse. We are looking for:

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