Greenlight? More like Greenlit!

September 12th, 2012 by Maxx

And it is all thanks to you! We could never have done this without the support of all of our fans who took the time to download the game and give us their thumbs-up  on Greenlight. 

So after years of turmoil, struggle and hard work,  the team is proud to announce that thanks to the community’s generous support we have officially met the requirements of Valve’s Greenlight process.  This news represents a turning point in NMRIH’s development cycle, as we will soon have the full support of Valve and its ever-growing community.  Although this means major positive changes for the way NMRIH fans get the latest updates and support, NMRIH has always been, and will remain a free modification for Half-Life 2.

We won't be on Steam for a while yet, though. There are some legal and technical details that we need to address before the game will be available on Steam. We are working tirelessly to make this a reality as quickly as possible. It will be good for us, good for you, and good for the game. 

Thank you all again so much, this is really like a dream come true and something I personally never expected would happen. But it did happen, and it happened because of you guys.  We are all just happy that you like the game!

-- Maxx

 If you haven't done so yet, go and grab the No More Room in Hell 1.05 installer and give it a try!  I talk to many of you on a regular basis, and we are awlays interested in what you have to say. Stop by the forums and let us know what you think about the game! Check out our forum and give us your feedback, bug reports, ideas, and suggestions!  

NMRiH Beta 1.05 Client Full

No More Room in Hell Team