Belated Independence Day Media Extravaganza!

July 7th, 2012 by Dman757 HAPPY 4th OF JULY! Hello friends! We here at No More Room in Hell wish you all a belated fourth of July (and Canadians a belated Canada day). Hopefully you enjoyed some firework action without blowing off any extremities. If you did, we hope you filmed it. Anyway, we got an announcement and a reminder along with some new weapon renders! A new site is coming! Our current website is horribly outdated. This will change soon thanks to our man Brent. The latest update for NMRiH will be in your hands soon. It comes packed with a laundry list of bug fixes and tweaks along with new weapons and some overhauled UI mechanics as well as visual enhancements. The testing team have been picking apart yet another community map that has a good chance of being included in the update!

New Weapons Coming in 1.05!

That's right, in the 1.05 update we are adding in four new weapons. A fine handcrafted kitchen knife, the sexy Ruger MKiii, the iconic and powerful Winchester 1892 and the simplistic yet brutal Ingram M10!

Evolution Of Chinatown
We love our fans. Recently we had a small drive to reach 1000 likes on our Facebook page. As a reward we promised to release a video of 1.05. In just about 4 days we reach our goal gaining around 161 new followers in that time. So as promised, we will be posting a video within a week showing off what is in store for 1.05! In the meantime check out this evolution of Chinatown video made by Riley and Dman757.

A look back at the development of nmo_chinatown

We're going to QuakeCon 2012! A few members of our team will be attending the event and we'd like you all to join us. Info can be found >here<

Server Browser Temp Fix + Vote Kick/Ban features
As most of you know, Steam is having some troubles with showing servers in the browser list for mods and some retail games. Never fear, we have a handful of IPs that you can use to connect with via the console. Example: connect connect - The list and more info can be found >here<

We get a lot of reports on griefers. Unfortunately we cannot stop all of them, but you can! NMRiH has a vote kick/ban feature built into the game. Observe the quote below on how it works.
In order to initiate a votekick or a voteban, you will need to know the ID of the player you want to kick or ban. In order to find this out, say !vklist in the chat window. You should see output like the following:

User IDs for votekick are as follows:

  • SuperCoolDude
  • AnnoyingDude
  • SomeOtherGuy
  • |NMRiH| LOLOLLLOLOL[/list]

The number to the left is the ID of the player. To then initiate a vote, say !vk # or !vb #, where # is the ID of the player. This will bring up a vote:

Votekick/Voteban started for player: PLAYER

You have ## seconds to vote.

Say !yes to vote for this kick.

If you would like to vote for this kick or ban, simply say !yes in chat. Once a certain number of players vote yes (51% for kick or 66.7% for ban by default), the player will be kicked or banned from the server. If the vote does not pass after a certain amount of time, the vote will fail.

New Linux Binaries
In an attempt to help resolve many of the remaining issues that our Linux server owners are encountering, we've created and uploaded a new Linux .so file. If you're a server owner and your Linux server has been crashing lately, download and drop this file into your nmrih/bin directory.

You can download it >here<

Let us know if you have any problems with it!


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Note the windows server files are included in the download.

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