Let's Survive Episode 4 - NotLD Part 2

October 14th, 2013 by Xendrid The team continues to fight the undead, talks about Fight Club, and discusses adding a new character to NMRiH!

Map: nms_notld by Payne

Filmed in an outdated v1.07 pre-release Steam build. Everything you see is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Footage is not representative of the final game.


Xendrid - Public Relations
Maxx - Team Lead
essbuh - Lead Programmer
Riley - Lead Tester
grasn - Level Designer
Joshikumako - Lead Euro Tester
Hypnosis - Level Designer
Ryan - Level Designer

Outro music by Aaron Wilde | http://www.aaronwildemusic.com/

No More Room in Hell Team