Beta v1.06 Release

November 19th, 2012 by Xendrid

Where is Greenlight?!

Many of you have been wondering when our game will be available on Steam. We are working closely with Valve on making this a reality. We should be ready to launch on Steam with our next patch! We plan on making 1.07 our biggest patch yet. As development happens, we will throw up some videos on our YouTube channel.

Tired of Survival? Don't worry! nay0r, Lou Saffire, and thegregster are working on fresh objective maps. That doesn't mean we won't be giving you more Survival content though. Shirk is finalizing his map deemed Suburb Survival. In the next few weeks we will be showing you some screenshots and videos of those so keep a vigilant eye out.

As for the present, here is Beta 1.06 featuring two new weapons, a new blood tech, and saying goodbye to a lot of old Half-Life 2 content!

If you experience problems with the patch, try installing the full 1.06 client and see if that resolves any issues. If using the 'G' key for throwing weapons does not work, rebind the command in the console:

bind g +dropweapon

Beta 1.05 to 1.06 Patch

NMRiH Beta 1.05 to 1.06 Patch

Beta 1.06 Client Full

NMRiH Beta 1.06 Client Full
Desura Digital Distribution

Beta 1.06 Client Full - EU Mirror

Beta 1.06 Patch Notes

  • Added option on character select dialog for ammo checks to be audio only, HUD only, or both
  • Added multiple voice sets for ammo checks, reloads, and voice commands; can be changed on character select dialog
  • Added weapon barrel smoke that appears after firing for an extended amount of time
  • Ammo checks, reloads, and voice commands now use temporary entities which should reduce network traffic
  • Backpedal speed no longer affected by stamina, and while ironsighted is about 3x previous speed
  • Blood tech on all weapons, when impacting or shoving flesh there is a 40% chance your weapon can become bloodied (stacks up to 4x)
  • Fixed infinite grenade bug
  • Fixed keypad getting stuck if up during a death or map change
  • Fixed possible crashes caused by zombie ragdolls
  • Fixed welder particles not appearing correctly
  • Increased player view height
  • Modified the way melee traces are done so that they should be a lot more accurate when aiming at the head
  • Re-added ammo counts to the ammo HUD
  • Supply helicopter is much more precise with its drop locations
  • Total stamina increased by 30%
  • Throwable weapons (hold down G with a melee weapon to throw)
  • Weapons and objective items can no longer be lost inside the clip for objects like body bags
  • Dropped weapons and ammo fall in a random direction so you can pick them up individually
  • Zombie spawning completely rebuilt for improved performance
  • Zombies catch each other on fire
  • Zombies will take different paths from each other, making navigation more realistic
  • Increased sound attenuation to facilitate more realistic player-player communications
  • Reduced overall zombie count for server performance and ping while increasing the density of zombies near players
  • Zombies spawn no less than twice the distance from players as in 1.05
  • Players will no longer spawn near zombies
  • Zombies will no longer respawn in small rooms once entered
  • Added spawn_density variable to mapper's overlord_zombie_helper entity to allow mappers to control the amount of zombies on their maps
  • Reduced stamina cost of shove to 50% if you hit your target
  • Increased blunt push back chance
  • Updated localization for Russian
  • Added Spanish localization
  • Added Italian localization
  • Added Japanese localization
  • Added initial Polish closed captions/subtitles
  • Changed default values of cl_cmdrate, cl_updaterate, rate to 60, 100, 60000
  • Zombies will spawn with 1 out of 3 possible collision groups, to stop the "super zombie" stacking
  • Weapon penetration is enabled for the Winchester 1892
  • Objective mode: func_zombie_spawn brushes no longer ignore the "start disabled flag". Be sure to use I/O to enable these zones when you want zombies in them.
  • mp_friendlyfire set to 0 by default (Server owners can re-enable friendly fire if they so choose)
  • If mp_friendlyfire is set to 0, players can now deal damage towards infected players
  • Improved map loading
  • New particle textures
  • Brighter zombie flames
  • New welder sparks
  • New electrical trap particles
  • New grenade/gascan explosions
  • Reworked blood particles and textures
  • Finalized blood puddles
  • Updated muzzle flashes
  • Various environmental effects
  • Added 10 new blood decals and replaced various bullet impact art
  • Added kitchen knife melee weapon
  • Added Ruger MK III
  • Optimized various textures
  • Added new dynamic footstep playback system
  • Updated footstep sounds for various materials
  • Added clothes movement sounds for walking and running
  • Increased sample playback speed for running
  • Added new ambient fire sounds
  • Added new sounds for when a zombie's head explodes
  • Added new sounds for blood squirting out of the neck of decapitated zombies
  • Replaced all current melee swing sounds; sharp light, sharp heavy, blunt light, blunt heavy, fists.
  • Replaced flesh impact sounds; bullet impacts, blunt weapon impacts and sharp weapon impacts..
  • Replaced air vent sound on Northway
  • Decreased vending machine buzz volume on Northway
  • Decreased standing spot light buzz volume on Northway
  • Replaced weapon draw and holster sounds
  • Replaced shove sounds
  • Replaced ‘look-down-sights' sounds
  • Improved M16A4 hand tap sound
  • Improved Mac10 pull draw sound
  • Remastered the following gunshot sounds; Ruger, Mossberg, Remington and Winchester1892.
  • Added MK III fire and dry fire sounds
  • Replaced Revolver, MP5 and SV10 fire sounds
  • Replaced Heart beating sound
  • Updated breathing sounds
  • nms_northway
    • Added a new parking area
    • Welder can be found in underground level of the map
    • Added barricade boards to safezones
    • Added 5 random codes (found around the level on notes on walls) for the backroom-keypad of the warehouse area
    • Added few more weapons and ammo around the map.
    • Increased the amount of zombies spawning in the map
    • Lowered runner-wave from 3 to 2, but in exchange, raised the child-wave from 4 to 5
    • Finale should now happen at wave 9 instead of 13
    • Reworked player spawns
    • Added soundscapes for more atmospheric experience
    • Optimizations
    • Added playerclips to eliminate godspots
    • Added 3D-skybox
    • Added a third safezone, which is the "Security Room" behind the Market
    • Added a third health crate
  • nmo_cabin
    • Enhanced zombie spawning
    • Increased weapon count and ammo count
    • Added bandages/medkits
    • Added barricade boards
    • Polished some ares of the map
  • nms_favela
    • Increased brightness
    • Added soundscape
    • Added winning scenario
    • Changed final wave from 15 to 18
  • nmo_chinatown
    • Replaced police lights with new particle effect
    • Polished some ares of the map
    • Added two new storage rooms in the map that contains extra supplies
    • Further optimization
  • nmo_broadway
    • Clipped all vehicles and godspots
    • Tweaked weapon count
    • Added bandages/medkits
    • Added barricade boards
    • Polished some areas of the map
    • New spawn area with roof
    • Added new particles
  • Custom Map Notice: In objective mode, func_zombie_spawn brushes no longer ignore the "start disabled flag". Be sure to use I/O to enable these zones manually if they are disabled.

Ammo Checking & Voice Sets

We added the ability to customize your character with different voice sets as well as tailoring the way you want your ammo checking to be.

You may have noticed from the changelog that we updated a lot of our sound effects, replacing some that were vanilla Half-Life audio. Last month we introduced Tom 'rezOnance' Wright to the team. He has been helping revamp a lot of the foley and sound effects within the game, and made a blog post about creating some of these sick sounds! Check it out here. Tom also put together a little video of the new sounds added to 1.06. Listen to some heads pop!

Stay alive!

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