Community Map Pack 1

October 3rd, 2012 by Xendrid It's October. The prime month for horror! We've been hammering on the 1.06 update applying changes from the great feedback you guys have given us. The team has added some new faces this September! Level designers Lou Saffire and thegregster101 (creators of two awesome community maps: Isolated and Hershel's Farm) have joined us. Tal and MrCJ are working with us as new prop modellers. In the sound department rezOnance is taking on the foley work. We finally filled some animator positions as well! FreddyFredFred and John are on board to help with character animations and more.

Community Map Pack 1
Our community is pretty awesome. Greenlight was a great indication of this. With overwhelming support we were one of the first 10 games to be Greenlit on the service. When will it be on Steam? It is going to take awhile. We are currently waiting on Valve to move things forward. We'd just like to thank you all for the support you gave us. Our future is brighter than ever!

We like to think that mods have a closer connection to the community than AAA developers and in most instances that is true. While we are hard at work updating the game, the community is hard at work making the maps they would like to play in NMRiH. With that said we are releasing a .zip full of maps made by the community.

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nms_townhouse by Lanix
nms_intersection_b1_3 by Reynard Hartmann
nms_hershels_farm_v2 by thegregster101
nms_genocide_b5 by Fathomless
nms_Gasstation_v2 by Krackman
nmo_flowingdisaster_b3 by MrNyet
nmo_frostbite_b4 by MrNyet

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You can find more custom maps and the latest versions on our forum here. Made a map? Feel free to post it!

Biohazard Project
Resident Evil fans rejoice! An incredible rendition of RE2 is being made in the form of the Biohazard Project produced by Morgoth and his team. The map project promises a complete "Racoon City Police Department experience" from Resident Evil 2. It will feature the puzzles of RE2 in true No More Room in Hell co-op fashion. Check out their progress at their ModDB page. They also released a trailer:

No More Room in Hell Team