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Medical Crates Standard; Supplying Them Not

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#1 Flash879



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Posted 05 May 2012 - 11:38 PM

Simple idea(s), not many bullet points this time, I'll outline it neatly:

I. - Medical Crates will be standard within both Zones upon round start, no need to retrieve them.

A. - The dynamic instead is that, like FEMA Survival Kit Bags, FEMA Medical Kit Bags may also be found in order to replenish the Medical Crates much in the same way you repair a Zone.
a. - Suggestion: These would be colored (Dark?) Red instead of Dark Green, and the box they are located in would be of a different color/design as well. They may also be smaller than FEMA Supply Kit Bags.
b. - They operate by dropping them in the zone, replenishing the Medical Crate in much the same way FEMA Supply Kit Bags .
c. - Suggestion: Each Medical Bag would replenish the Crate by +50 Health each.

II. - Alternatively, you may have it so that both items must be attained within the map for the Crate to be effective. This adds a further element to the Survival Mode template.

A. - Suggestion: Medical Crates begin with 100 HP to provide so that finding them alone is still an added benefit in itself.

Added suggestions are welcome, but as always, please be realistic. This idea is also a recent one of mine, so I may edit it and I currently don't have the time to expand upon it's suggestions at the moment.

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#2 sumol701


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Posted 06 May 2012 - 09:03 PM

i actually like this idea.

it only makes sense.
i mean, we have the military suplying us with weapons,ammo and repair tools, why not have them suply medical equipment, i mean, is even more inportant than repair tools if you think about it

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