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A First Look: No More Room in Hell gameplay, maps and mechanics with commentary!

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#1 enlivEE


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Posted 31 October 2011 - 11:27 PM

Pretty awesome HL2 mod that has been in the works for fucking ever. Really happy that this game out this halloween all of a sudden after about 6 years, so I decided to make a video going over the entire game, although not really completing any levels because that would take HOURS, because this game is hard as fucking nails, and given there was only two of us, we were limited in how far we could get in a level.

Anyway, to the videos! There will be three parts uploaded, I will update them as they all come up on YouTube, any feedback either on this thread, or in YouTube comments, dislikes and likes to gauge whether people like the videos, etc, are ALL appreciated.




You can only embed three videos, so here's the third above, just click on it!


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#2 Raneman


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Posted 31 October 2011 - 11:41 PM

Good enough for me.

You can have my seal of approval.

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Posted 31 October 2011 - 11:49 PM

It's awesome to see this kind of thing! I really dig it :)

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#4 SeQueL



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Posted 01 November 2011 - 12:07 AM

It's awesome to see this kind of thing! I really dig it :)

I didn't watch the whole thing but does anyone know how you respawn?

#5 Xendrid


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Posted 01 November 2011 - 12:31 AM

Really interesting to watch!

I didn't watch the whole thing but does anyone know how you respawn?

After a certain objective is completed in the maps there is a second chance spawn that occurs. Bringing back players who died before that objective was completed.

#6 Joe


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Posted 01 November 2011 - 12:52 AM

I'll use this topic as MY first look and opinions on NMRiH

Going right into it: Amazed! It runs BETTER than Zombie Panic Source. No More Room in Hell made me realize that I miss the first Zombie Panic more just because it ran better.

I chose to play Broadway first and I chose to play alone in my own server and soon people joined on their own turf.

Unfortunately, 3 420 people with pot in their names (I don't have much against it) but I found they degraded marijuana by teamkilling everyone especially me. I was saying "tk the tkers" and lil... blunt 420 whoeversaid he didn't start the teamkilling, but I saw him. I made my mistake of killing the wrong guy with my pistol, which I have admit was funny and sad or else it's more oppressing, before I killed him after that happened. The 3 of them: lil blunt, white boy swag... and someone else kept killing everyone and leaving themselves to play. I kept wanting to come back alive to kill them but they killed me. Blood lust, luck, succession, wonders of their little clique.

ON THAT NOTE, I SUPPORT friendly fire STILL! I have recommendations, however.

I recommend that changing your own name to be made easy, even though changing your portrait will be hard, unless you already have NO portrait. By players willing to be "Batman", they will need to have NO portrait and able to change their name through the console. I especially recommend not making it public when a player changes his/her name.

By doing this, the teamkillers have no chance on reigning unless they are very talented. For the latter smart people who die can rejoin as a different name and kill them. I say: TEAM KILL THE TEAM KILLERS! Don't get it twisted! Kill them and don't kill anyone else and don't team kill the one killing the teamkiller.

I think No More Room in Hell should shoot for taking actions that will SUPPORT people who will defend against team killers. By being able to change your name without public notification is ONE WAY to do this. It has to be free and not strangled by FF being off or auto-kill the teamkillers. I am looking for ultra blood loss in the spirits of arrogant sons of bitches.

Overall, my computer actually ran NMRiH well even on high graphics. It sure took a while to load but it was great. I had to get off at least 10 minutes ago, since I realized rejoining and changing my name was hard as it is.

Another way you can protect players from teamkillers is by listening and UNDERSTANDING MY IDEA: place spawn locations of players in different parts of the "beginning" of the map. When we spanw together, we can kill each other easier, but let's say Broadyway's beginning was a little larger than one room and actually had a road, a cafe, and some rooms for other players joiing. SURE, 3 can spawn together MAX, but by having players starting locations in "safe" spots, the players can have achance on CHOOSING WHO TO KILL and not killing everyone by accident when you really just wanted to kill the teamkiller in peace.

I DO support only teamkilling the guy who STARTED IT. So if you respawn and avenge your death, you became the team killer, which IS what I did, and I am admitting that. AFter lil whoever team killed, I came alive and shot a GOOD teammate Jimm and then lil whoever, who said that EYE was the one teamkilling. The 3 of them were a team like a clan. So if they want to be on the streets of NMRiH teamkilling, I suggest we have a way of retorting their regime... ultimately as a disciplinary caution.

I DO NOT support banning players or kicking them. AS "BLOOD LOSS" by "SPIRIT" is already tough, I WOULD SUGGEST implementing such of my ideas, and/if there is more so that the team killers; THA TOUGH GUYS will be the ones who eventually scream and leave.


The whole game was outstanding. Brainbread was entertaining, but repetitive and cheap. No More Room in Hell is showing my idea of a "bulky Resident Evil" by having high-detailed graphics and high-maintenance gameplay, the player FEELS GOOD in every little moment, instead of feeling like a caffeine rush running fast with a minigun as on Brain Bread.

If No More Room in Hell should revolutionize anything, then I would suggest maybe 2-3 maps that "connect" each other. One could be a town or a city or village and a mountain or tower, kind of like that Blue Tower as seen in Half Life 2. The other map will BE that mountain or tower, OR HAUNTED HOUSE(as a classical image), and when you are in the mountain, tower, or haunted house, you can see the village down below. As for titling such maps, I don't recommend making like NMRiH_Town and then the "connector map" being named NMRiH_Town'sHouse to give it away. Let the player catch the view... or the opportunity.


I admit the zombies were also really cool looking. The DIVERSE and high-detailed zombies gave NMRiH a lot of life. It's like I saw a personality in each of them just because they looked so detailed and had no specified gender, race, or age. I saw a couple black zombies, white zombies, and little girl zombies.

The runner zombies like the child zombies and the adult runners are fine, but it looks a lot like other games especially the Sims how they are trying to find their way around objects. I understand that's hard to do, so maybe the PLACEMENTS of the runner zombies is better. Maybe it would be better to place them not as 1 out 10 zombies, but more of a runner for a hallway, or maybe even in a room sometimes. If such mechanical placements aren't good enough, then maybe just make them come at more rare times.

I think the other problem is HOW they run. It looks like they are jogging to get you like "hello, dear sir, let me bite you." I was imagining the runner zombies would introduce themselves kind of like those running headcrab zombies in Ravenholm of Half Life 2. They would make a sound and sprint towards you. I don't think I was offended or afraid of the runner zombies, but THEY WERE WONDERFUL, even the child zombies.

To tell the honest truth, hitting a child zombie IS A DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE, but the DIVERSE gameplay provided by EVERY different zombie, No More Room in Hell was much more fun! It was a beautifully laid out map and much better than watching the trailer. It just had this genuine "fullness" to playing it and I COMPLETELY support that. Most other games is just rigid speed and it feels like spam medication... or advertisement.

I like that "bulk" it delivered by not having a HUD, which was a powerful idea NOT TO HAVE. I hope all players like that idea, because the HUD does show up but not all that often. That way, it gives more "personal space" for the player's experience. I WOULD LIKE TO TALK MORE... BUT IT'S HALLOWEEN!

I have orange camouflage pants on, an electric blue camouflage shirt on, with a sleeveless tan, yellow and orange shirt over the electric blue camoufalge to make all 3 garments match and I will light my tiki-torch with BLUE flame fuel. I will walk around with it... and maybe wear a mask. :D

BRAVO! I hope all that information is more simple than it looks:

-I support friendly fire STILL, even though I GOT THE WORST OF IT TODAY.
-I talked about ways to allow players to protect themselves from team killers without server admin tools.
-Talked about all the zombies and had no problem with them walking through each other, which didn't happen often anyways and we people basically do the same when it comes to passing by.
-NMRiH, I may say again after a long time, is unexpectedly what I was looking for as that "bulky FPS Resident Evil" ... It's definitely not that FPS Resident Evil that reminds me of Night of the Living Dead arcade. It's slow and still packs that punch the slower Resident Evil games gave, but in a all new and unique name as No More Room in Hell

#7 CrazyMatt


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Posted 01 November 2011 - 01:08 AM

I think most of what you have just written could have been used in a new topic about team killing. Not much being mentioned other than the bit in comparison to your experiences with zombie panic (which is a fun mod too!) I think make a new topic before you derail this one with something else.

#8 enlivEE


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Posted 01 November 2011 - 10:17 AM

Yeah, team killing seems pretty bad, but luckily, I never had the chance to play on public servers and get griefed, so it's all good for me!

#9 Joe


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Posted 01 November 2011 - 03:49 PM

i said NMRiH ran FASTER than Zombie Panic Source and it made me miss Zombie Panic 1 for how much faster it actually was.

Is tihs topic about a first look or are we supposed to praise enlivEE for merely opening it?

I also said i still support friendly fire being on. I might make another topic on it, which is as good idea. I am thankful you brought that to my attention. PEople need to read about it and not worry about FF being on.

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